Yantai Tri-river Foods Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, has the registered capital for 20,120,000 Yuan, and covers an area of 131mu. Now, it has total assets of 296,000,000 Yuan. We mainly produce the frozen and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and have four frozen food production lines and six freeze-dried food production lines, with the annual capacity of 20,000t and 800t respectively; and the storage volume of cold storage room is 20000t.

Company concept
To agglomerate people with culture
To steer life with mechanism
To accomplish life with brands

Its FD project construction abides by the principle of high threshold and high norms by introducing internationally branded equipment from Germany, UK, US and domestic cities such as Xi’an so that the company’s devices take a lead in the industry.

The Company has four production lines for frozen food with a refrigerator storage totaling 20000 tons. It has an annual output of 1500 tons of FD food and 100,000 tons of frozen food.

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